Chris Christensen Peace & Kindness Spray

Against dandruff, fungus, exam and infections. Chris Christensen Peace & Kindness is the ultimate miracle in skin care! 100% all natural alternative to antibiotics and steroids. Contains silver. Suits Canine, Feline, Equine & Small Animal For topical use on: Cuts, Scrapes, Open Sores, Ear Infections, Fungus, Itchy Areas, Acne, Hot Spots, Abscesses, Mosquito Bites, Poison Ivy, Burns, Parasitic Infections (viral & fungal), Blood Parasites, Ringworm, Dermatitis, Infections, Virus Warts, Inflammations, Virus (all forms), Yeast Infections, Seborrhea, Scaling or Dandruff, Skin Irritations Caused From Allergic Reactions and 650 OTHER KNOWN DISEASE ORGANISMS!!! INGREDIENTS: 100% distilled structured water with pure SILVER SIZE: 236 ml

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